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Symposium on UK-Lime Research

The British Lime Association (BLA) invite you to join our virtual UK-Lime Research Symposium on 13 October 2021.

Registration for the event is now open – please submit your details using this form. Links to join the event and download the handouts will only be available to registered delegates. The event will be recorded so that registered delegates can view the event for up to three months after it has completed.

The all day event is free to attend and runs from 10am until 4pm with regular ‘screen breaks’. It includes fourteen keynote and online presentations followed by Q&A, and nine pre-recorded ‘video posters’, with an associated Q&A session. We’ve built screen breaks into our programme where nothing will be happening so that everyone can take a break, make a drink or a phone call, and rest their eyes and ears.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Areas of interest for the BLA

The BLA represents members producing 'industrial mineral lime' – calcium oxide and hydroxide products.

Lime is used across a diverse range of markets including steel & metals manufacturing, water & wastewater treatment, emissions control, biocides, animal feed as well as in soil modification and stabilisation, asphalt, and in mortars and renders for construction. Manufacturing involves quarrying, high temperature processing, emissions control and environmental management, bulk storage and transport logistics, as well as health and safety.

Outline Programme

We are delighted to announce our speaker line-up for the BLA UK-Lime Research Symposium.


Welcome to the BLA UK-Lime Research Symposium
Introduction to UK lime manufacturing and lime applications


Keynote presentation: 
The importance of academic and industry collaboration in a rapidly changing world

Dr Giovanni Pesce – University of Northumbria


Session 1


Keynote presentation: Hydrated lime in asphalt for longer life roads
Dr Helen Bailey – The Driven Company

Can lime be used to reverse climate change?
Olivia Hawrot – Heriot-Watt University


The path to decarbonisation for the lime industry
Dr Humbul Suleman – Teesside University

Q&A session

Video posters

  • Participation in the Peak District Zero Carbon Cluster of the HyNet project
    Lhoist UK and Tarmac Lime

  • Practical aspects of trialling hydrogen as primary fuel for lime manufacturing
    Tarmac Lime

Screen break


Lime from biogenic calcium carbonate for the production of slag-based alkali activated binder
Dr Raffaele Vinai – University of Exeter


Production of slaked lime from limestone at atmospheric conditions and without the release of chemical CO2
Dr Theodore Hanein – University of Sheffield


Q&A session


Screen break and lunch


Video posters

  • Investigating the feasibility of carbon capture options for the lime industry – Tom Cutler, Newcastle University

  • Technical and Environmental Analysis of Calcium Looping Carbon Capture for Rotary Kiln Lime Plants – Angela Rolfe, Ulster University

  • Site relevant risk of sulphate swell in lime stabilisation – Carter Newbury, Nottingham Trent University

  • Increasing the Technological Performance of Chalk-Derived Products for the Water Industry – Dávid Kocsis, University of Hull/Singleton Birch

Video Poster Q&A Session


Keynote presentation: Air lime & formulated lime for mortars & renders
Dr Richard Ball – University of Bath


Importance of mortar substrate interactions in lime masonry structures
Tugce Busra Su-Cadirci – University of Bath


The use of organic additives for improving the characteristics of lime
Cecilia Pesce – University of Northumbria


Q&A session


Screen break


Keynote presentation: Lime in major projects
Dr Paul Beetham – Nottingham Trent University


Influence of test set up on sulphate swell measurements
Rebecca Paramor – Nottingham Trent University


Hydrated lime in asphalt
Didier Lesueur – University of Lille


Q&A session


Video posters

  • Many and Varied Industrial Uses of Lime – Richard Givens, Tarmac Lime

  • SHEQ Culture Change at Singleton Birch – Axl Farr, University of Hull/Singleton Birch

Lime in Precolumbian Construction: Waste and Impact
Lindsay Duncan and Prof Elizabeth Graham – University College London


Assessment of hydrated lime Ca(OH)2 as a faecal sludge sanitation tool for emergency settings (cholera treatment centres, refugee camps…) 
Dr Diogo Trajano Gomes da Silva – University of Brighton


Q&A session


Awards and Closing Address
Richard Stansfield, Chair, British Lime Association



Register to attend

Please complete this form to confirm a delegate. Confirmation of your registration will be emailed to you.

If you have any queries, please contact Rebecca Hooper at the BLA:



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