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'Lime in Road Solutions' Conference

Thursday 16 November 2017

BLA Conference – Lime in Road Solutions, bought together over 75 delegates from across the highways supply chain to discuss the use of lime in asphalt, and for soil stabilisation.

The conference opened with a welcome from Pal Chana, MPA Executive Director, and Richard Stansfield, BLA Chair and Managing Director of Singleton Birch. The technical aspects of the conference began with representatives from the Local Government Technical Advisers Group and the Highways Term Maintenance Association setting out the benefits of resilient highways as part of a long term asset management strategy.

The conference then welcomed academics from the Universities of Derby and Nottingham, presenting on the research evidence demonstrating the durability benefits of lime in asphalt. The research evidence was presented alongside practical experience from Europe and Texas and the USA, on how to specify the use of lime in asphalt and the benefits of doing so. The morning session ended with a lively Q&A session focussed on the research base, and the approach to asphalt specification and mixture design, using asphalt.

The afternoon session focussed on the use of lime for stabilisation, with presentations on new Britpave guidance, the use of hydraulically bound materials, and a case study on in site road recycling.

Highways England closed the conference, noting that innovation is welcomed on the Major Highway Network, and including innovations which extend the periods between maintenance/resurfacing works.

Programme Item

Welcome and Introduction
Pal Chana (Executive Director) Mineral Products Association

Richard Stansfield (Chairman) British Lime Association
2.3 mb

Framing The Issue
Rob Gillespie, Local Government Technical Advisors Group

611 kb

Framing The Issue
James Elliott, Highways Term Maintenance Association

3 mb

Hydrated Lime in Asphalt

Dr Helen Bailey & Chris Rowan, University of Derby, Centre for Mineral Products Professional Development

4.7 mb

European Asphalt Experience

Christophe Denayer, European Lime Association, Civil Engineering Task Force
1.8 mb

Effects of Hydrated Lime on Ageing and Moisture Damage of Asphalt Mastics and Mixtures

Prof. Gordon Airey, (Director) Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC), University of Nottingham
2.6 mb

Lime in Hot Mix Asphalt – The Texas Experience

Darren Hazlett P.E., Retired Deputy Director Texas Department of Transportation Construction Division
2.7 mb

New Stabilisation Standards and Guidance

Steve Dunn, Britpave Soil Stabilisation
2.6 mb

Introduction to Hydraulically Bound Mixtures (HBM)

Dr Cliff Nicholls, TRL
1.1 mb

In Situ Road Recycling - The Ridgeway Enfield

Bob Noakes, Road Surface Treatment Association

5 mb

Innovations in Roads & Pavements

Donald Burton, Highways England
1.6 mb

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