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Waste derived fuels

BLA Members are committed to continuously improving the sustainability of lime operations and to operate to a standard that complies with the social and environmental values of the Association.

Using waste-derived fuels in lime manufacture improves the sustainability of lime operations, by reducing the use of fossil fuel and helping to utilise waste as a resource. Opportunities for widespread use of waste-derived fuels in the lime industry are limited by the requirement from many customers for high purity lime products, especially from the pharmaceutical and drinking water purification sectors. Clearly the very cleanest fuels must be used to drive the calcination process for these markets to ensure that there is no contamination in the final product.

However, waste-derived fuels have been used successfully by the UK lime industry to produce other lime products since the 1990's and have demonstrated clear environmental benefits. The use of waste-derived fuels is subject to strict regulatory controls and the BLA Code of Practice has been developed by the BLA with its Members to set out the minimum standards to which members will adhere.

The BLA commitment to up-front stakeholder consultation prior to making a formal application to the Environment Agency goes over and above regulatory obligations, and seeks to involve the local community and interested parties at an earlier stage in the process.

Download the BLA Code of Practice for the use of waste-derived fuels in lime kilnshere.

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